The 25 Indian crew members of the Ever Given and the captain of the container ship who was stranded in the Suez Canal for almost a week are at risk of house arrest and criminal charges. The Times of India writes, citing the ” concerns of the Indian government and maritime organizations ”. Furthermore, according to sources in the maritime sector cited by the Times of India, the captain of the cargo and some members of the crew could be prevented from returning to sail again. “There is a clear danger of the ship’s crew being used as a scapegoat,” National Shipping Board (NSB) member Captain Sanjay Prashar told the Times of India.

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” First of all it is necessary to ascertain the causes that led the giant ship to aground, ” Prashar said, adding that ” to verify the facts it is necessary to listen and examine the recordings of the conversations made during the voyage of the ship and you can understand what caused the hitch. ”

Solidarity with Indian seafarers was expressed by the National Union of Seafarers of India (Nusi) based in Mumbai. On Twitter, its general secretary Abdulgani Serang spoke of “solidarity with all Indian seafarers aboard the Ever Given.” I got in touch with them. They are fine, but they are very stressed. They are not alone and we will support them whenever necessary and in any way requested. ”

The cargo’s technical management, Berhard Schulte Ship Management (Bssm), never disclosed the names of the 25 Indian crew members, but praised their efforts after the cargo ran aground. ” All 25 crew members are in good health and safe. They are working closely with all parties involved to re-float the ship. We greatly appreciate the hard work and professionalism of the crew and the commander, ” Bssm said in a statement.


Meanwhile, the situation in the Suez Canal slowly begins to unblock. According to some tweets by the service provider Leth Agencies, at least 37 ships crossed and left the Canal during the night after being stopped in the area of ​​the Great Bitter Lake due to the gigantic ship that blocked the passage until yesterday. “At 3.30 (local time) on March 30, 163 ships are waiting to transit in Suez, 137 in Port Said and six in the area of ​​the Great Bitter Lake – we read in a last tweet – Thirty-seven ships have left the Great Bitter Lake and for 76 transit is scheduled for today “.

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