Suffering from dry lips? This may be the cause

Suffering from dry lips?  This may be the cause

Not only does dry lips look unkempt, but it can also be very painful! There are several factors that play a role in getting dry lips. These are the most common causes.

Dry lips

Due to the changeable and cold weather in the Netherlands, we often suffer from dry lips here. This not only ensures that your lipstick does not sit nicely, but it also does not feel nice. Nothing is more annoying than picking the flakes off your lips and then also getting the feeling that everyone is looking at you. Although everyone suffers from it sometimes, it’s not a nice thought.

Many people suffer from dry lips from time to time. It is most common when you have been in the sun for a long time, or when it is very cold outside. But in some cases, the flakes do not go away and you suffer from it for a longer period of time. How did that happen? These are the various, most common causes of dry lips.


Remember that episode where Spongebob went to visit Sandy? That’s exactly what happens to your lips when you don’t drink enough water! It may sound very obvious, but people still drink far too little water every day. This may be one reason why your dry lips don’t get better after you take care of them well with lip oil or chapstick.

As we briefly mentioned above, the weather is also a big factor. So when it’s hot outside and the sun is shining brightly, it’s even more important to drink plenty of water. This is not only good for dry lips, but the rest of your body also benefits from it!


Are you sure you’re getting enough liters of water, but are you still suffering from sore lips? Then you may have a lack of iron or vitamin B. A lack of iron is a common problem and there are plenty of different solutions for that. Think of supplements or adding more foods with a lot of iron to your diet. To increase your vitamin B levels, it is important to eat more green vegetables. Such as peas, beans and broccoli.

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Allergic reaction

We close with a cause that you probably didn’t immediately think of. When we think of an allergic reaction, we picture red spots or a rash. But this does not always have to be the case! Do your lips often hurt, do you feel that your skin is pulling a bit here and do you suffer from flakes? Then it could just mean that you are allergic to something in your make-up bag.

This can be lipstick, face cream or exactly correct the lip oil you wanted to reduce your dry lips with. Ingredients such as eucalyptus, menthol, cinnamon and peppermint often provide this effect. Try to avoid these fabrics and maybe you will have silky soft lips again.


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