Suja Varuni focuses on acting again

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Suja Varuni, who attracted the attention of many by attending the first season of Bigg Boss, has started acting in movies after a long hiatus.

Actor Venkatesh is all set to play Meena in the upcoming Telugu digital release of ‘Thrushyam 2’. The film stars actress Suja Varuni in the lead role. After a short hiatus, he has acted in Telugu and has caught the attention of the fans with his unique acting skills.

Actress Suja Varuni’s hard work has once again received recognition and recognition as she competed in the first season of Bigg Boss and won the support of the fans.

She has been inspiring and inspiring many female entrepreneurs since her marriage and has also successfully run a YouTube channel called ‘Suicide Fun’. After a short hiatus, he took the opportunity to star in ‘Thrushyam 2’ and has received praise from all quarters. With this, he is once again getting ready to play stressful roles in the Tamil and Telugu screen world. It is learned that he may soon return to Tamil as he has the opportunity to act in similar roles in ‘Thrushyam 2’ in Tamil as well.

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