Summer could break heat records in Brazil – 09/21/2023 – Science and Health

Summer could break heat records in Brazil – 09/21/2023 – Science and Health

2023-09-21 16:09:00

The combination of the record heat in the oceans recorded in August and the probable continuation of the El Niño phenomenon until March 2024 points to a summer with unprecedented maximum temperatures in Brazil.

However, the arrival of warm weather in the country will not be delayed until the start of the season on December 22. In addition to the heat waves that began at the end of this winter, weather forecasts, such as those from Inmet (National Institute of Meteorology), indicate that temperature records could be recorded as early as spring.

Experts also say that the rains affecting the South will gain strength with El Niño, especially in December, which will also lead to warmer and drier weather in the North and Northeast.

Uncertainty falls on the Southeast, with no clear signs of more or less rain and heat.

However, there is a possibility that Brazil and the rest of South America will see temperatures above historical averages in the summer.

“All seasonal climate forecast models that analyze spring and summer indicate a 70% probability that temperatures will be above average,” says climatologist Francisco Aquino, head of the geography department at the Federal University of Rio. Great of the South.


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