Sunak defends the new action against immigrants

Sunak defends the new action against immigrants

London – British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has defended ‘Stop the Boats’, a new measure against migrants who make unsafe journeys through the English Channel to reach the UK illegally. The opposition had challenged Sunak over the possibility of an illegal immigration bill introduced in Parliament.

The new law will prevent refugees arriving in small boats across the English Channel from being allowed to set foot on British soil. Sunak clarified that stopping the boats is not his only priority but the people’s priority.

“Our position is clear. If you arrive here illegally, you cannot seek asylum. They should know that coming here illegally could result in detention or deportation. Once this happens, they will not come again. Illegal arrivals are detained and sent back within weeks. If safe, return to their home country or to a safe third country such as Rwanda. In this way, the control of the borders will be regained” – he said.

Sunak also stated that the new measures are tough but ‘necessary and fair’. Home Secretary Suella Braverman introduced the law in Parliament. Braverman stated that the only way to control the flow of refugees through the English Channel is if illegal arrivals are deported.

English Summary: UK PM Sunak Defends New Controversial Crackdown On Illegal Migration


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