Sunita poses in a swimsuit .. Vijay TV fans shocked

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Sunita starred opposite Sruthi Haasan as a schoolgirl in 3 films starring Dhanush. Although the film was well received, Sunita was not well received. It was followed by Raghav Lawrence Kanzana.

Vijay then competed in all the shows aired on TV. After that he became somewhat popular with the fans. Currently Vijay is using his comedy talent in all the shows that are aired on TV.

If she had played the role of an assistant to a contestant on the recent Vijay TV show Cook With Clown, the show would have been very well received by the Zodiac because Sunita is a woman from the northern state who does not know much Tamil.

sunita gogoi

But throughout the show, he tried to speak in Tamil and then he felt mispronounced and thus became popular with the fans on a large scale. He is currently releasing a video of himself dancing to a song from time to time to the acclaim of fans.

sunita gogoi

sunita gogoi

She has posted a photo of herself in a swimsuit on her social media page. Fans who have just seen the film are saying that Sunita has changed like this. This photo of Kummunu posing in a swimsuit with coolers is spreading like wildfire on social media.

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