SuperJob: half of Russians want to receive an unconditional income of 30 thousand rubles. per month

Half of Russians support the introduction of an unconditional basic income. On average, the desired amount is 30.1 thousand rubles, according to a study of the SuperJob job search service.

Unconditional basic income is a social concept that involves the regular payment of a certain amount of money to each member of a certain community from the state. Payments are made to all members of the community, regardless of income level and without the need to get work done.

Unconditional basic income is not supported by 12%. 38% of respondents found it difficult to answer. 52% of men and 47% of women support the idea. Among young people under 24 years old, 37% support the initiative, and among Russians over 45 years old – 54%. Most of the supporters are in Rostov-on-Don (56%), Chelyabinsk and Volgograd (52% each), the least in Perm (40%), Kazan (41%) and Nizhny Novgorod (44%). In Moscow, 49% of respondents support the idea, in St. Petersburg – 50%.

The highest requests for payment are in Krasnoyarsk (35.6 thousand) and Moscow (35 thousand). The lowest are in Rostov-on-Don (26.5 thousand) and Kazan (26.6 thousand).

The study was conducted from May 25 to June 1. It was attended by 1.6 thousand adult Russians from 409 settlements from all federal districts of the country.

About the pros and cons of basic income – in the material “b” “How much money just like that.”


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