SuperJob: Russians consider 43 thousand rubles a decent pension

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Russians on average believe that the amount of 43 thousand rubles. can be called a decent pension, the SuperJob poll showed. This is 8% higher than in 2020.

The survey involved 32 thousand respondents from all districts of Russia.

28% of respondents intend to work and live on a salary after reaching retirement age. 24% of Russians count on a state pension, 14% want to live on savings, 4% – on payments from non-state pension funds. 7% of respondents named other sources of income (income from renting real estate, dividends, etc.). In 2009, more than 30% of citizens were going to live on savings, and 7% – on a state pension.

Young people under 24 consider 35.8 thousand rubles a worthy pension. per month. People over 45 consider this amount to be 45 thousand rubles.

At the same time, in Moscow, the number of those who expect to live on retirement is 25%. An average of 48 thousand rubles is considered a decent pension in the capital. In St. Petersburg – 26% and 47 thousand rubles. per month respectively. The cities where most of all expect to live on retirement are Kirov (35%) and Volgograd (32%), least of all – in Yekaterinburg (16%). The results of the survey are given by RBC.

Earlier it became known that from 2022 in Russia adjusted rules for the payment of pensions will start working. It will not be possible to withhold money from them if the pensioner is declared bankrupt. Also, retirees may ask to transfer money to a bank account if they did not pick it up at the post office.

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