Supermarkets limit ice packs due to supply problems in the heat of the heat wave

During the pandemic it was toilet paper and the sunflower oilbefore the outbreak of ukrainian war, now the ice is the protagonist of the summer. The main supermarket chains in Valencia have limited the sale of ice packs due to lack of supply. In the midst of a heat wave, and with temperatures above 30 degrees throughout the Valencian Community, Consum y Mercadona have announced through the signage in their stores the limitation on the purchase of cubed and crushed ice.

Mercadona and Consum limit sales due to lack of supply

In the case of the Valencian cooperative (Consum), consumption has been restricted to “two bags” per customer. On its posters it says “due to the temporary lack of ice supply by our suppliers, in order to prevent shortages of our customers, the purchase of cubed and crushed ice is limited to two bags per customer per day.” In the case of Mercadona, consumption has been limited to five bags or one bag per customer per day.

The two chains insist that the measure has been taken to avoid “shortages” of the product given that there are problems in the sector.

Supermarkets limit ice sales.

The ice producers, which is where the problem of lack of product is being registered, explain that the price of plastic for its packaging, the rise in fuel, used for its transport, and that of electricity, have caused the lack of stocks . Throughout the year it has not been affected but with the high temperatures that the summer is leaving, they have sharpened the demand.


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