The car used for the abduction

We spoke to DSP Bharath Srinivas about this. Asai, who was arrested in a cannabis smuggling case, hails from Munandipatti, Theni district. Not only on desire, but also on his family, relatives and many others there are many cannabis smuggling cases. That includes his family women. The gang, which smuggles cannabis by car from Andhra Pradesh, has a habit of traveling with some cars in front of the smuggling car like political escort vehicles. If the police check on the way, the oncoming cars will alert the cannabis smuggling car coming from behind. Also, they have been planning to ensure that no one is suspected of smuggling cannabis in an expensive car. We will keep them and catch up with the entire cannabis network that is in contact with them. ”

Before the gang was arrested in Trichy, a team that came with them threw 200 kg of cannabis in Salem and escaped. The abduction gang has since been alerted from Chennai and arrested in Trichy.

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