The 32 billion support decree, here are the measures

The Council of Ministers, in the late evening of Friday 19 March, approved the decree containing the Urgent Measures in the field of support to businesses and economic operators, work, health and territorial services, connected to the Covid 19 emergency, the so-called Support Decree.
Thirty-two billion. This is the amount of funds allocated in deficit in the Sostegni decree, to help the recovery of the country. Of these, about 11 billion destined for businesses and professionals most damaged by the closures arranged in the last three months. Almost 5 billion will instead go to the vaccine plan.
The text of the new decree, approved on Friday 19 March by the Council of Ministers, provides for a subdivision of the measures, implemented on the basis of 5 areas of intervention: support for businesses and the economy, provisions on labor, measures on health and safety, aid to local authorities and other “urgent” provisions, from local public transport to educational activities.
For business aids are provided five bands of revenues with different percentages of economic support: from 60% for the smallest to 20% for the largest.
We are aware that this is a partial intervention and for this reason there is the possibility of a second allocation on the occasion of the presentation of the Def, said the premier Mario Draghi at a press conference, illustrating the new decree. Payments to businesses, autonomous companies, VAT numbers amounted to 11 billion in total: Abandonment of the ateco codes and speed of payments – promised Draghi – The Revenue Office will provide a platform for payments at the end of the month, payments will begin April 8 for those who have applied, then 11 billion will enter the economy in April.

The meeting of the new government at Palazzo Chigi had been called for 3 pm, but the appointment was postponed by the hour, and then began just before 7 pm (more than three hours late).
The discussion was stuck on the knot of the tax bills. The amnesty on the tax bills, after the close confrontation (M5s. Lega and Forza Italia aimed at the complete cancellation of the fiscal stock), is outlined as follows: the threshold of 5,000 euros for the bills to be removed is confirmed, but only for the period 2000-2010 (instead of 2000-2015). The cancellation of back taxes can only be requested with an income tax that does not exceed 30 thousand euros. The agreement on the issue of the cancellation of the folders would also provide for the introduction of the legislative decree of the tax collection reform requested by the League. And there should also be 300 million for the work reduction of farmers, a measure requested by Forza Italia.

Let’s see, then, in detail what are the main items of the new decree.

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