Support decree 2021, tax bills node remains


The question of tax bills remains for the 2021 support decree, expected in the Council of Ministers on Friday. The majority summit with Prime Minister Mario Draghi and Economy Minister Daniele Franco would not have dissolved it, that is, the line of canceling the outstanding files relating to the period 2000-2015 has not passed, for now, setting the ceiling at 5 thousand euros. , a bar that Parliament could, however, raise to 10,000. For this reason, government sources explain to, it is not excluded that the meeting, which even from Palazzo Chigi they ensure went “very well”, will be updated for tomorrow: “We have not fixed it but it is not excluded that take it “, explains one of the ministers present.

Certainly there will be, in addition to the meeting of the Head of the Economy with the group leaders of the majority forces and the Minister for Relations with Parliament Federico D’Incà, a technical meeting with the Minister of Via XX Settembre to overcome the impasse. Which would concern, according to other sources, not only the folders, what a part of the majority sees as a ‘tax amnesty’, but also the extension of the block on layoffs until June 30 for everyone and for small businesses until October: there would be doubts about the numbers.


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