Support Decree at a ‘snail’s pace’: over 3 months for the money to businesses

“If there are no new hitches, the resources made available from Support decree they will reach businesses and self-employed workers right away after Easter. Basically, they will be credited to the Bank account of the activities concerned at least 3 and a half months later from the imposed closures last December by the then Conte government. Therefore, this money, made available by the budget variance of last January, will certainly reach its destination not with the timeliness that the situation would require, but rather to snail’s pace. It is clear that the lack of immediacy in the allocation of compensation is a problem that has not yet been resolved “, is what the Research Office of the Cgia, which points out that “if after one year from the start of the pandemic it is still necessary to wait so long, it is clear that the machine needs to be set up“.

Undoubtedly, it is emphasized, there have been many innovations in recent months and all of them have contributed to lengthening the timing of aid delivery. Parliament voted it budget variance 32 billion euros on January 20 last year; there government crisis it closed towards the second half of last February with a new majority and the replacement of the premier; compared to the Ristori decrees approved in the second half of 2020, with this first economic measure taken by the Draghi government, modified the method of calculating the indemnities, abandoning, “finally”, the logic of Ateco codes.


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