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The Draghi government find the square in the council of ministers on excerpt of the tax bills, a measure that had caused all the parties of the majority to quarrel and launch the law decree-Sostegni gives 32 billion euros, of which 11 billion will go to businesses (1 billion more than last year’s refreshments), in the accounting framework of the budget variance (the executive is working on a other deviation, not quantified at the moment, in the Economics and finance document) still set by the Conte government.

DRAGHI: “NO DOUBT ABOUT ASTRAZENECA, MY SON HAS ALREADY MADE IT IN LONDON” / “I have not yet made the reservation, but my age group has entered” among those who can access vaccinations, “I will do it and I will do Astrazeneca, of course. My son did it the day before yesterday in London, there is no it is no doubt, no prevention “.

Erasing old folders until 5 thousand euros between 2000 and 2010 (instead of 2015) and only for those who fall into a income ceiling of 30 thousand euros: this is the drop point found on the much debated measure, which Draghi himself admitted to be a “amnesty“(” but contained within a group of folders 10 years ago, on whose collection the State did not work and which will need to be reformed “), whose cost is slightly less than 300 million.

The Minister of Economy Daniele Franco explained that the decree is divided into five lines of intervention. The first is on businesses, self-employed persons and VAT numbers which is worth about 11 billion euros. The “second pillar – continued the holder of the Mef – is that of support for work and the fight against poverty where about 8 billion are allocated. The third la Health and safety“. Here the allocation is” almost 5 billion“. Of these,” the main mail concerns the purchase of vaccines and drugs for which we allocate 2.8 billion, an intervention to create a fund for the production of vaccines in Italy “.

The “fourth course of action is for the decentralized entities: there are transfers aimed at compensating them for the loss of revenue they have suffered and supporting local public transport “, recalled Franco.last line of intervention, he concluded, concerns the funds “managed directly by the ministries, in the fields of education, culture, del support for agricultural supply chains, police forces and for a number of sectors with particular crises“.

The press conference of Prime Minister Mario Draghi

According to the premier Mario Draghi the decree represents one beforepartial (others will follow after the launch of the “new deviation”) meaningful response, very consistent, to poverty and the need of businesses to be helped, a partial response, but it is the best we have been able to do within this allocation“. However, added Draghi,” if all goes as planned 15 billion will enter the economy in April (i payments will begin on April 8th for those who have applied through a platform made available at the end of the month by the Revenue Office) “. The goal” is to give more money to everyone and give it quickly “, even” with the abandonment of codes Nace“.

Franco specified that as regards interventions for businesses, the “main measure is the non-repayable fund for all VAT numbers, therefore potentially 5.7 million subjects“and” the Revenue Agency estimates that 3 million of these entities will receive funds, on average for 3.700 euro“.

(Continued: measures to combat poverty and aid to work. Measures for tourism. Blocking redundancies and school resources)


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