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THE EAGLE. A simple click and the contributions will arrive in the checking account. The new platform of the Revenue Agency will be active within a few days, to which the beneficiaries of the aid provided for in the Support decree will be able to access. The sums due will be paid starting from 8 April, but only to those who make the request exclusively electronically. The system will be divided into three levels, to stagger the entrances to the platform and avoid the “crash”. Here is the procedure to follow, in a few simple steps.
HOW DOES IT WORK. The portal of the Revenue Agency is still under construction, but will enter service in a few days. The new site will be divided into three levels, with timers and estimated waiting time, in order to stagger the entrances of the first day of activity, which according to estimates based on 2020 will see no less than three million users flock to the site. Once you have entered the platform and logged in with the Spid credentials, the number in the queue will appear to access the second phase, in which personal data will be requested, those of the company you work for or of which you own and, above all , the Iban, on which the contribution will be paid.
After filling in the required fields, a second timer will appear, at the end of which you will have access to the submission page of the actual practice. The Revenue Agency estimates a maximum wait of two or three minutes per page, with a total time of ten minutes for submitting the application.
WHEN PAYMENTS. But how long will it take for the money to be credited to the current account? According to the technicians of the Revenue Agency, the practices should be processed in a maximum of two weeks.
In total, the Sostegno decree has a ceiling of 32 billion to help workers and companies affected by the economic crisis due to Covid, and to support the health sector. Among the salient points of the Support decree there are also the blocking of layoffs until June, the extension of Naspi and the redundancy fund for three months, the increase in the range of beneficiaries of citizenship income and the reduction of electricity bills for the months of April, May and June 2021.
CONTRIBUTIONS TO COMPANIES. VAT numbers and companies will be entitled to non-repayable contributions up to 150 thousand euros, according to the staggering that takes into account the loss of turnover, in 2020 compared to 2019, and the general financial situation of the company.
The most important change concerns the decision to abandon the Ateco reference codes, so as to greatly expand the number of beneficiaries who will be able to access the contributions. Only subjects with a turnover of less than 10 million euros and with average monthly losses equal to or less than 30%, in the year 2020, will be able to obtain aid.
The maximum turnover ceiling has risen by 5 million compared to the previous decree, with a consequent increase in the number of companies that will be able to apply.
CALCULATION OF THE SUMS. The contribution is calculated on the basis of the average turnover of the company applying, starting from a minimum of € 1,000 for individuals and € 2,000 for legal entities, reaching a maximum of € 150,000 for companies.
Self-employed workers with VAT number can have a minimum contribution of 3,000 euros. Depending on the average annual revenues, companies will receive a corresponding percentage according to this scheme: 20% with turnover between 5 and 10 million, 30% between 1 and 5 million, 40% between 400,000 and one million euros, 50 % between 100 thousand and 400 thousand euros. Finally, 60% up to 100 thousand euros.
TWO MODES. The request for the contribution, sent through the electronic system of the Revenue Agency, will see the possibility of disbursement in two systems: by direct bank transfer or through tax credit, which can only be used to compensate for business losses.
Together with the direct contributions, additional benefits will be provided for companies and VAT numbers. First of all, the cut of 3,000 euros in contributions for freelancers, which will concern about 820 thousand between artisans, traders, professionals registered with INPS management and registered with private funds. Furthermore, for all managers of bars, restaurants and hotels, the RAI fee will be reduced to 30% for the whole of 2021.
EXCERPT FOLDERS. Among the innovations introduced by the decree there is also the cancellation of tax bills from 2000 to 2010 for debts up to 5 thousand euros. The removal of the tax bills will not benefit all taxpayers, but will only concern those who had an income of up to 30 thousand euros in 2019 and the debts collected with the tax authorities from 2000 to 2010, no longer 2015 as foreseen in the first draft of the maneuver.


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