Surgery ‘back to the future’, 39th Acoi National Congress opens

The 39th National Congress of Acoi, the Association of Italian Hospital Surgeons, opened in Milan. ‘Back to the future’ is the title given to these days of meeting and confrontation, a clear reference to the restart after the pandemic crisis. President Pierluigi Marini opened the meeting who, having reached the end of his mandate, took the opportunity to take stock: “4 years have passed since the Monte Silvano congress and in three days my presidency will end and therefore it is time to take stock and reflections. If I look back and think about the goals we set ourselves, I think I can say that a good job has been done and that we have kept our commitments, but this does not mean that we can stop, on the contrary. We must continue to work with great strength because in the coming months it will be necessary to redesign the Surgery system in Italy and Acoi must be there and must be able to make its authoritative voice heard to protect our surgical community as we have done, you know, in these very difficult last years “.

The year and a half of the pandemic inevitably brought various figures from the world of science and health to the fore in public opinion. In this opinion Pierluigi Marini explains: “I have heard that ‘a scientific society must not engage in politics’. Absolutely true and I would even say obvious, as however it is absolutely true that a large scientific society, let me say today the largest in Italy, must be able to influence and perhaps even affect political decisions. Today, as never before, this is needed. We have tried with great enthusiasm to build unity of purpose between the hospital and university world on training, on the protection of our profession, on the sustainability of surgery, on the scientific and professional growth of young people in order not to miss the opportunity to send important signals to the institutions. . All this would be called the single surgery society. It didn’t go well, you know. But without talking about it, because it is of no use to Acoi and anyone, this Acoi will have to commit itself as and more than before on these topics that certainly represent the future of the surgical profession. Otherwise we will have lost everyone and will have lost Italian Surgery in the first place. Acoi on these goals must be there and he must not in any way lower the shot ”.

The path as president of Marini had set three major objectives: “We started with enthusiasm to give Acoi a new, modern and welcoming venue that is technologically capable of hosting scientific and educational activities and easy to reach from all over Italy. We were right and our headquarters has truly become a great laboratory for ideas and for the development of important projects. Legal protection, a real distressing problem that is tearing apart consciences, morale, serenity and our and our young people’s choices. In these 4 years we have tried to give all possible protections by signing insurance policies, the last of which was signed a week ago for gross negligence and legal protection before the Court of Auditors with a ceiling of 50,000 euros in case of recourse, another phenomenon , look a little, in great growth. A legal package dedicated to you and a law firm, that of the lawyer Cirese whom I thank very much, now full time in Acoi Almost 200 assisted partners and many, many calls from you “.

“We have never left anyone alone, more than 1000 members have availed themselves of the consultancy at various levels of our observatory. The forensic medical observatory and the two courses for Acoi certified experts. From next year we will have 60 certified colleagues following a very important. The one that will start in a few days, for 35 colleagues already enrolled, will be in collaboration with the Faculty of Law of the University of Cagliari and supported by the teaching of Magistrates, Lawyers and Legal Doctors. Today this initiative represents the only weapon to give you the guarantee in all the public prosecutors in Italy to have ACOI certified experts and therefore competent and intellectually correct. You know well that very often, indeed too often, the appraisals and whoever writes them represent our great problem. Ours is an initiative innovative that will also make a great contribution to judicial institutions “.

Finally, an analysis on how the pandemic has complicated the health course in Italy with a high number of surgeries inevitably postponed due to the health emergency.

To restart in the best possible way the training of professional figures at the height remains one of the essential ingredients: “We were the first in May 2020 to give the numbers on the loss of surgical interventions and to say that we would have to work 120% to recover – concludes Marini – Today finally, after more than a year and many on-call meetings with the regions organized by our regional coordinators, whom I thank for the passion with which they have exercised their role in many cases, the institutions speak with our same numbers and agree with us. . But dear friends, now it is necessary to run, I think the time to organize discussion tables is over, it is instead necessary and no longer postponable to move on to the facts. We are ready to respond once again ‘present’ but for a serious recovery plan we need human resources, a lot of good technology, operating theaters and dedicated IT. In other words, well-trained surgeons, anesthetists, nurses and the right technology are needed to work with quality and safety ”.


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