suriya protected kids from paparazzi, video

Video footage

TheSuriya is a very popular star in India. After winning the national award, the star’s fame rose. The video of the actor stopping the paparazzi from taking pictures of his children is now going viral.

Last day, Suriya and his family came to a hotel in Mumbai to have a meal. The star was accompanied by his wife Jyothika and children Diya and Dev. On seeing Suriya, the paparazzi surrounded them. Surya requested the journalists to take his and Jyothika’s picture and avoid the children. The actor then posed for a photo with Jyothika.

The children, who were staying away from the cameras, were trying to take photos of their children despite Surya’s words while they were getting into the car. Then the actor stopped the paparazzi. According to reports, they came to Mumbai to meet Jyothika’s family. Suriya was last seen in Kamal Haasan’s Vikram.

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