Surprising Scientists Design Part of a Beating Human Heart | piece of heart developed in lab by scientists

In Canada, scientists have conducted experiments by artificially creating a part of a human heart in the laboratory.

Scientists are showing great interest in creating artificial human organs. Along with lungs and kidneys, efforts are underway to artificially create a human heart in the laboratory. Until now, there have been only a few attempts to create a true 3D model of the ventricle as an alternative to flat sheets of heart tissue, a part of a beating artificial heart designed in Canada.

Biomedical engineering researchers from the University of Toronto and the University of Montreal in Canada have grown a small-scale model of the left ventricle, the main chamber of the human heart, in the laboratory. Designed by scientists, the millimeter-long vessel pulsates like a blood vessel.

This organ is created in a laboratory using a combination of synthetic and biological materials. They took cells from the heart tissue of young mice and engineered them using synthetic and biomaterials.


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