Survey: “bechamel” or “besamel”?

Survey: “bechamel” or “besamel”?

Scientists from a well-known university affirm that there is a sauce capable of making any food more appetizing. The ingredients of this delicacy are very simple, but its power is supernatural: oil (or butter), flour and milk. Croquettes, lasagna or moussaka are surely some of the favorite dishes of many people, and it is possible that this is so because one of its ingredients is this sauce: the inseminated (o bechamel).

bechamel received the 68 % of the votes and inseminated got the 3 %. He 29 % of those consulted opted for both options

In the survey that we carried out last week on our Instagram account, we asked our followers about this term that comes from French bechamel, since it is common to find it written in two ways in texts in Spanish. He Dictionary of the Spanish language pick up so much bechamel as inseminatedalthough, as the Panhispanic Dictionary of Doubts, the latter form is preferred, as it is the closest to the pronunciation in the original language. This same work indicates that the variants are also documented bechamela y besamelaalthough they are not in general use.

Therefore, we could say that anyone who has responded to the survey has got the question right.

Remember that these surveys do not have any scientific purpose, as they only help us to know what terms the speakers who dare to participate use. We appreciate the responses of our followers and we invite you to give your opinion in the next ones that we will launch on our Instagram account.

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