DMK MP Surya, son of Trichy Siva, joined the BJP. BJP state president Annamalai joined in the presence at the Kamalalayam in Chennai.

Record: May 08, 2022 23:39

Change: May 09, 2022 00:15


Surya Siva, son of Trichy Siva MP He joined the BJP yesterday in the presence of leader K. Annamalai.

Trichy Siva is the DMK’s policy outreach secretary and the party’s state level committee chairman. His son Surya Siva. It was rumored that Surya Siva would leave the DMK and join the BJP.

In this situation, the Tamil Nadu BJP in Thiyagarayanagar, Chennai. Surya Siva arrived at the head office Kamalalayam yesterday. There the Tamil Nadu BJP. He joined the BJP in the presence of leader K. Annamalai. Annamalai handed him the BJP membership card. The BJP on the show. Party executives, including Vice President Karu Nagarajan, were present.

Surya Siva later told reporters: –

BJP in Tamil Nadu Is growing as a winning party. So, I joined the BJP. Aside from the issue of not getting proper recognition in DMK, there are a few issues in the family as well.

So, I joined the BJP so that I could join where my work gets recognition. It is hoped that the BJP will gain recognition. The BJP is the only party that recognizes labor. Understands. I did not join the BJP for the post. I’m just saying give me the recognition I am working for.

Intra-party politics in the DMK is fierce. My father was not in a position to recognize me. Even though my brother Annamalai accepted me. In the future, the entire DMK is on the side of the BJP.

Thus he said.

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