Surya told his love to Vanilla.! Vanilla in pleasant surprise..

While most of the serials telecasted on Vijay TV are getting good response among the fans, the serial which is being telecasted with a good story feature is very different. A girl from a middle class family decides to get married after completing her schooling due to the wishes of her parents.

But because of the girl’s desire to study, she comes to Chennai with the help of a teacher named Saratha without the knowledge of her parents. It is noted that Sarada’s husband is the owner of a college in Chennai. So he is studying in that college over many objections.

And his every struggle gets caught by Surya, the owner of this college, then both Vanilla and Surya fall in love without saying their love. Later, while many problems are going on, Sarada has started living with her son, with the help of Vanilla, who was separated from her husband.

Also Vanilla and Surya are living in the same house. In order to separate her from this family, Vanilla’s sister husband and her mother take her to their house.

Due to this, both Vanilla and Surya are very upset and now both of them have not told each other about their love, now Surya meets Vanilla and tells them of his love, so Vanilla is in a pleasant shock and does not know what to say. And Surya continues to say that we can talk in our house only what you answer and this is what is aired in today’s episode.


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