Surya’s Jai Bhim ‘on Oscar’s YouTube channel; Fans say it was a proud moment

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Jai Bhim, who was recently released with Tamil actor Surya in the lead role, has been in the news ever since he came through ODT. The film, which deals with caste discrimination in Tamil Nadu, excelled in Surya’s performance and Gnanavel’s direction. The film recently made its entry into the 2022 Golden Globes. Now, another recognition has come for Jai Bhim. The Oscar (Academy Award), the highest award in world cinema, has been shown on the official YouTube channel.

A scene from Jaibhim is shown on the channel. Jai Bhim is also the first Tamil film to win a prestigious Oscar. This proud moment was enthusiastically received by the fans. “Surya, who made us and Indian cinema proud … is definitely a great movie to watch!” Wrote one fan.

The movie was released on November 2, 2021 through Amazon Prime. Jai Bhim’s theme is the legal battle over the disappearance of Rajakanni (1993), a dark caste in Tamil Nadu. Lijo Mol, a Malayalee, had a stellar performance in the film.

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