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The Central government has sought an explanation for the state government’s suspension of the Chief Wildlife Warden over the Mullaperiyar tree room issue. Inspector General of Forests, Ministry of Environment and Forests, A.K. Chief Secretary VP Mohanty demanded an explanation. Letter sent to Joy. By law, an All India Service officer must be suspended and notified the Center within 48 hours.

Inspector General of Forests A.K. Mohanty’s letter says. He said the Ministry of Environment and Forests, the regulatory agency for IFS personnel, did not know the reasons why action was taken against a senior official of the Indian Forest Service. Mohanty’s letter clarifies. The Union Ministry has directed to provide all the information and documents related to this.

It is clear that the Central and State Governments are taking different positions on the suspension of Benichan Thomas and the factors that led to it. The All India Service Rules stipulate that the Central Government must be notified within 48 hours of the suspension order and details must be communicated within 15 days. This has not been complied with. Central approval is required to extend the suspension beyond 30 days. Benichant Thomas was suspended on November 11. The decision to cut down 15 trees near the baby dam in Mullaperiyar was taken without informing the ministers. The suspension was issued on the ground that the order was against the interests of the state.


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