Suspicion of Iranian espionage in Defense Minister’s house: “My brother will never spy, he wanted easy money”

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Omri Goren, a citizen who worked as a housekeeper at Defense Minister Bnei Gantz’s home, was charged with espionage after working with a representative of the Iranian hacker group Black Shadow to hack into the minister’s computer. Thus, in an incident that almost turned into a political crisis, he endangered the security of the state for only $ 7,000 – and raised rather difficult questions about the employment of workers by the GSS.

103fm man Nadav Rozman spoke with Simon, Goren’s brother, who commented on the incident. “Dude with the head on his shoulders, he’s not a jerk like they try to paint him. At a young age he could have done significant things in his life, he chose a different path. He has nothing against the state, he just did it for a financial motive. Two weeks by chance he suddenly disappeared “I could not understand why he did not answer. I saw that he needed help, I know him, he was not in contact with us for a year and would sound shaky on the phone.”

Speaking later, Simon shared his and Omri’s shared childhood, making it clear that his accusation of espionage would turn out to be wrong: “We had no parental support. I believe that if Omri had been treated more carefully than thrown in jail at 22 – he would have a brilliant head. “My brother did it on purpose, I know where it happened from, he had no money, Omri thought he could prove that he works for this personality, send pictures and get money.”

“He always thinks he will make the million but not legally. He thought he would find his savior. Omri made a rookie mistake, he did not think at that moment, and I believe every word of his lawyer who said he did not know it would be dragged into it.”

Later in the conversation, when a 103fm radioman Rozman tried to understand the meaning of Goren’s controversial action, Simon, his brother, emphasized that it was nonsense that got tangled up. “Omri tried to stand on his own two feet, he had three years to do something with Ganz, do you know what things he could have done with his head? I know the essence of Omri and know it’s financial hardship. He did nonsense, and it hurts me the most to try to paint him as a spy “.

“Omri spy? He will never do it for the state, not for anything. Omri did not try to spy, he just did nonsense that I believe a lot of people do, only they do not work for Bnei Gantz. The fire to him. “

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