Sustainable Water Management: Morocco, The Netherlands Sign MoU in New York

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This memorandum was signed by the Minister of Equipment and Water Nizar Baraka and the Dutch Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management Mark Harbers, on the sidelines of the United Nations Water Conference (22-24 March).

Considering the existing ties of friendship between the two countries and wishing to strengthen them further, the two parties undertake, under the memorandum, to develop bilateral cooperation in the field of water resources on the basis of the principles of equal rights, equity, respect for sovereignty and mutual benefit.

Under this agreement, the two countries intend to cooperate in the areas of water supply, collection and reclamation of rainwater, seawater desalination , demineralization of brackish water, treatment and reuse of treated wastewater, as well as the efficient water use.

Cooperation between the two parties will also focus on remote management of groundwater and water resources, reduction of water use in the context of industry, domestic consumption, climate-smart agriculture and horticulture, flood protection and governance.

The collection and management of information to support decision making and for national, regional and global statistical purposes are also among the goals of the memorandum.

Both countries agree that cooperation will be carried out through technical assistance, exchange of information and documentation, organization of training and capacity building sessions, participation in specialized international fairs and conferences organized in Morocco and the Netherlands, in addition to the transfer of technologies in the field of water.

The signatories agree on creating a technical committee for the development and planning of action plans, in accordance with the areas of cooperation set out in the memorandum.

Baraka leads the Moroccan delegation to the UN Water Conference, which is dedicated this year to the mid-term review of the implementation of the goals of the Water Action Decade 2018-2028, proclaimed by the UN General Assembly in December 2016.

On the sidelines of this conference, the Minister held a series of meetings with heads of delegation including the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Mali, Guinea, Chad, Senegal, Madagascar, Egypt, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates.

Morocco and the Netherlands signed, on Friday in New York, a memorandum of understanding (MoU) aimed at strengthening cooperation in areas related to sustainable and integrated management of water resources.
24 March 2023
United Nations (New York)

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