Sviatek remains at the top of the tennis rankings again

Sviatek remains at the top of the tennis rankings again

Dubai: While Poland’s Ika Swiadek has retained the top spot in the WTA women’s singles rankings, Djokovic has regained the No. 1 status in the ATP men’s singles rankings. Aussie A lot of changes have taken place in the world rankings since the Open Grand Slam tournament. Serbia’s Novak Djokovic, who won his 10th Aussie Open title, has returned to the top spot after several months. Due to the Corona vaccine controversy, Aussie He lost the top spot in June 2022 after missing last year’s Open.

After that, Russian player Medvedev and US Open defending champion Carlos Algarz (Spain) were at the top spot. Algarrez has dropped 90 points to 2nd place (6730) as he rests due to injury. Aussie Djokovic is at the top with 7070 points, taking the full 2000 points from the Open win. Spanish star Nadal dropped 1,955 points to drop from 2nd to 4th with 3,815 points. Tsitsipas (Greece) has moved up one place to 3rd place and Kasper Rudd (Norway) has fallen one place to 4th place.

Medvedev has been relegated to 12th place. Sviatek (10485) continues to top the women’s singles rankings. He is Aussie. A notable 4th round exit in the Open. Title winner Sabalenka (Belarus) is back in 2nd place, up 3 places with 6100 points. Anse Geber (Tunisia), Jessica (USA), Garcia (France) and Zachary (Greece) are one place behind and are ranked 3rd, 4th, 5th and 7th respectively.


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