Swastika tattooed on testicle, soldier sentenced to 19 months in prison

The tattoo of a swastika on a testicle. For this an Austrian soldier was sentenced to 19 months in prison by the Klagenfurt court. The 29-year-old military man, as reported by the Daily Mail, apparently got drunk before his brother made the tattoo on his genitals. The soldier showed the tattoo online and showed it to some fellow soldiers at the end of an exercise. The young man, according to the investigations, had other behaviors that violated the laws against the apology of Nazism. To complete the picture, he was also found in possession of an illegally held weapon. The soldier tried to defend himself in the courtroom by apologizing for his conduct: “I cannot provide a reasonable explanation for what I have done”. And, in an effort to lighten his position, he claimed the tattoo would no longer be visible. The soldier in the past had already been arrested for assault. His lawyer has announced an appeal.


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