“Sweeping Movements of Water”: Chronicles of the Righteous

“Sweeping Movements of Water”: Chronicles of the Righteous

“Sweating Movements of Water” is another example of how much the “Fomenko Workshop” can immerse the viewer in the nineteenth century, how subtly the theater feels this historical period and reliably recreates its psychological realities.

The first to appear on the scene is Father Saveliy, who has arrived in a provincial town to oppose the movement of the Old Believers that is gaining strength here. He is a free-thinking priest who sincerely tries to know God and awaken love for him in those who come to listen to his sermons. And thus causes indignation of the higher clergy. Father Savely is played by Ivan Verkhovykh (known for his role as Chebutykin in The Three Sisters directed by Pyotr Fomenko). And this is a rare performance. In a very short time, he manages to cause, if not love, then sympathy for his character.


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