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2049.03 euros – this is how much households have saved on average that have regularly changed their Internet provider over the past ten years. This is the conclusion of a new study by the IPRI institute on behalf of Check24.

Actual contracts were analyzed

The exciting thing about the study: The study did not analyze any theoretical data, but the figures from the comparison portal since 2011. The calculated 2049.03 euros are therefore not a theoretical value, but correspond to the money that customers have actually saved.

The bill was based on a change every two years, i.e. after the usual contract period for DSL and cable Internet tariffs. The new price was compared with the Telekom standard tariff valid at the time.

More speed for less money

Consumer advocates have been advising for years that existing contracts should not simply continue to run, but should be checked regularly. The current study underpins this claim: Customers who have signed new contracts every two years saved around 41 percent of the household’s DSL costs, even though many of the customers have booked faster lines today than they did ten years ago.

The study also shows that the average booked speed was 17.6 megabits per second. In 2020, an average of 107 megabits per second was booked.

Compare, compare, compare

But which contract is the cheapest and how much data throughput does such a connection need for the household? In general, customers should cancel their current tariff every two years. Because many providers try to keep existing customers with more favorable conditions. After the termination, it is worth taking a look at comparison portals such as Check24 or Idealo to find out which tariffs are currently offered.

Users should plan a speed of at least 25 megabits per second for each household member. A couple should get along with 50 Mbit / s without any problems, a family of four should book at least a 100 Mbit / s connection.

The list here shows the five cheapest deals available nationwide. However, regional internet service providers can sometimes also have significantly more attractive tariffs on offer.

providers Rate Bandwidth Price*
Vodafone Red Internet & Phone 100 Cable 100 Mbit/s. 19,78 Euro
PYUR Surf & Phone 150 150 Mbit/s. 21,67 Euro
Vodafone Red Internet & Phone 250 Cable 250 Mbit/s. 22,70 Euro
Telekom Magenta home L ** 100 Mbit/s. 23,70 Euro
PYUR Surf & Phone 250 250 Mbit/s. 25,00 Euro

* Price: All costs and discounts incurred within the first 24 months ** plus € 5.95 / monthly + € 6.95 shipping costs one-time Source: CHECK24, as of: 08/31/2021



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