“Switch to LeU”: the M5S loses another piece

Discussions, defections, expulsions: the unstoppable haemorrhage of the 5Stelle movement, which loses another piece. According to what the news agency has learned AdnKronosin fact, the pentastellato deputy Devis Dori, a member of the IV Commission (Defense), would be ready to bid farewell to the party.

Chaos in the 5-star house

These are hard times, indeed very hard times for the Movement. While the battle between Giuseppe Conte and Beppe Grillo, a clash that has in fact divided the pentastellati into “contiani” and “governisti”, the storm caused by the approval of the justice reform of Marta Cartabia has also arrived. A hard setback for the more rigorous wing of the grillini. The green light for the reform arrived from the Council of Ministers has inevitably put aside what was done by the former Minister of Justice Alfonso Bonafede.

So much was the anger of some representatives of the Movement, who even wondered whether or not to continue with the government experience.“The M5S has been leafed through, for the umpteenth time with the Draghi government like an artichoke. For me, the straw that breaks the camel’s back“, was the harsh comment of Senator Gianluca Castaldi. Not only that. The thorny Rai issue would also shake the 5 Stars.

The 5 Stars lose pieces

Many grillini have left the Movement until today. Suffice it to say that with the farewell of the deputy Giorgio Trizzino, which took place last March, the political group had had to say goodbye to the parliamentary hundredth. An unprecedented figure. There are even those who, jokingly, talk about exodus biblical. The greatest hemorrhage was naturally recorded with the birth of the Draghi government, when the deputies and senators who had expressed a negative opinion or had abstained from voting for confidence were expelled from the Movement.

Now it seems to be the turn of Devis Dori, and another piece goes away. Originally from Treviglio (Bergamo), engaged in the fight and in the fight against bullying and cyber bullying, the grillino deputy would have communicated, at least as stated by AdnKronos, his intention to abandon ship. His intention, in fact, would be to join the ranks of Free and Equal. It would have been Dori who informed his grillini colleagues, revealing that he had already sent a letter to the Presidency of the Chamber to obtain the change of group.

The official announcement is expected next Monday. At the moment, the reasons that may have led the deputy to choose to change his shirt are not known.


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