“synergy is needed between national and regional training systems”

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“The ambitious New Skills Plan must favor people’s employability, or their professionalization and (re) qualification, through the acquisition of the skills required by the world of work”. This was stated in a note by Confsal Secretary General Angelo Raffaele Margiotta commenting on the meeting that the Confederation, together with the other social parties, held this morning with the Minister of Labor Andrea Orlando.

“Only in this way can both the skill shortage phenomenon (lack of skills) and the consequent skill mismatch or the misalignment between the skills required by companies and those possessed be strongly contrasted – highlighted Confsal represented at the table by Deputy Secretary General Lucia Massa by those without work “.

Finally, Confsal hoped that the New Skills Plan could represent an opportunity for greater coordination between ministries and regions to create the necessary synergy between training systems so that schools, universities and professional training can contribute to making people active subjects. of the labor market.

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