Synod on Synodality: Cardinals present “dubia” to Pope Francis

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2023-10-02 02:00:00

3. “Will the Synod of Bishops to be held in Rome, which includes only a select representation of pastors and faithful, exercise, in the doctrinal or pastoral matters on which it must express itself, the Supreme Authority of the Church, which belongs exclusively to the Roman Pontiff and, together with his head [junto con su cabeza]to the College of Bishops (cf. c. 336 CIC)?”

4. “Could the Church in the future have the power to confer priestly ordination on women, thus contradicting that the exclusive reservation of this sacrament to baptized men belongs to the very substance of the sacrament of Orders, which the Church cannot change?”.

5. “Can a penitent validly receive sacramental absolution who, while admitting a sin, refuses to manifest, in any way, the intention not to commit it again?”

At the end of their letter, the cardinals emphasize that, due to the “seriousness of the issue of doubts, especially in view of the imminent session of the Synod”, it is his duty to inform the faithful to avoid “confusion, error and discouragement”.

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