Table tennis star Boll leads “marriage of convenience” with his body | Free press

Tokyo (AP) – The German table tennis veteran Timo Boll is tackling his sixth Olympic Games full of energy, but without pressure.

“Let’s see what is possible, the EM gave me a lot of self-confidence”, said the 40-year-old of the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung”. “If I’m physically okay at the Olympics, I’ll be okay in my head, too, and things will go reasonably well. And if it doesn’t work out, then I’m okay with myself, because then I know what the problem was. “

At the end of June, Boll had won the German final against Dimitrij Ovtcharov at the European Championships in Warsaw and won the individual title for the eighth time. He said that the EM had “taken a beating”, but also emphasized that he wanted to “set ambitions” in Tokyo.

Even after five Olympic participations, Boll is still missing an individual medal. However, he was unlucky at the draw: if he wins his first two games, he could face the world’s number one fan Zhendong from China in the quarter-finals. In Japan, Boll and Ovtcharov compete individually and with the German team, with which they have already won three medals in 2008 (silver), 2012 (bronze) and 2016 (bronze).

After his first training session in the Japanese capital, Boll reported during the week that he no longer felt any pain. When asked by the “FAZ” what relationship he had with his body, he replied: “A tense one. We have a marriage of convenience, but I would like to change my partner, even though he has already served me well. I would like to sharpen it like a knife because it is easier to cut with a sharp instrument. But that is no longer possible. “


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