Criticism of ‘Fantasías de unwriter’ (2021): Carnal desire

Film review This adaptation of Philip Roth’s novel ‘Deception’, originally titled ‘Tromperie’ (‘Deception’) has not had the expected commercial success in France. It stages a succession of dialogues by Philip, an American novelist who has settled in London. There he is related to several women: his lover, his wife and other female characters, some real […]

Bosch Spain invoiced 2,400 million in 2021, 10% more

Juan Roig ValueFOLLOW Madrid Updated:05/26/2022 14:33h Save RELATED NEWS Reaching results equal to those recorded in 2019, despite the fact that automobile production fell by 7.5%, is good news. This is precisely what the automotive division of Bosch Spain, Mobility Solutions, has achieved, which contributed to the turnover of the national subsidiary reached 2,400 million […]

Bosch will invest 500 million in green hydrogen electrolysis

Juan Roig ValueFOLLOW Madrid Updated:05/05/2022 23:52h Save RELATED NEWS Hydrogen electrolysis is one of the barriers that needs to be overcome to make the energy renewable and its use can be extended to transport and the real estate sector. The main problem with electrolysis is that the price of natural gas is cheaper than that […]

Glovo quintupled its losses in 2021 to 474.8 million euros

The home delivery company Glovo lost a total of 474.8 million in 2021, five times its red numbers compared to the previous year, although it recorded a record turnover that rose to 590, 9 million, an increase of 64.2%. This is stated in the annual report published by the German Delivery Hero, Glovo’s largest shareholder, […]

McDonald’s: Revenue up 11% – $ 5.6 billion

McDonald’s fast food giant MCDONALDS +2.71% closure:0 opening:248.96 High:253.92 low:248.08 cycle:— Page Quote News Graphs Company Profile Recommendations More articles on the subject: Published its results for the first quarter of 2022, during which the company recorded revenues totaling about 5.67 compared to analysts’ expectations of about $ 5.57 billion. Bottom line, the company reported […]

The pandemic triggers the bicycle boom and now adds two years of historic sales

Juan Roig ValueFOLLOW Madrid Updated:04/21/2022 01:30 a.m. Save RELATED NEWS For the Administration, the bicycle is the answer to your prayers for modern mobility. If it were widely adopted, it would be a way to reduce polluting emissions, solve congestion on public roads and develop healthy lifestyles. Therefore, promoting its use is one of the […]

Record savings shoot up household wealth in 2021

MADRIDThe resumption of economic activity in 2021 had its effects on the wealth of households, which placed net non-profit financial wealth at the service of households (ISFLSH) at 2.69 trillion euros. , that is, 7% more compared to 2020, according to the Bank of Spain published this Tuesday in the Financial Accounts of the Spanish […]

Panaxia: Revenue grew but the loss continued to deepen

Medical Cannabis Company Panaxia Israel 0% Base:68.7 opening:0 High:0 low:0 change:— Page Quote News Graphs Company Profile Recommendations More articles on the subject: Reports an increase of about 40% in revenues in the fourth quarter of 2021, along with a deepening of the net loss that reached about NIS 10.3 million. This is partly due […]