“What we feared happened” – Mir – Kommersant

Thursday morning finally divided the life of Ukrainians into “before” and “after”. The news about the beginning of the Russian military operation broke the habitual rhythm of life of millions of people who do not understand what is happening and ask the same question, what will happen to all of us and to the country […]

Donbass mobilizes internal reserves

Residents of Donetsk celebrated Russia’s recognition of the independence of their self-proclaimed republic on a grand scale. Meanwhile, this did not bring complete certainty into their lives. On Tuesday, the head of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), Denis Pushilin, signed an additional decree on the draft of the youngest citizens born in 1995-2004. The evacuation […]

Man to man bird – Vedomosti

The program of the Brusfest festival, the first documentary theater festival in Russia, has collected what seems to be the best metaphors for deciphering the new pandemic reality. These days are marked by as many as two premieres. On the evening of November 25, students of the Moscow Art Theater School took to the stage […]

Gadgets are moving away from reality – Hi-Tech – Kommersant

According to experts, in 2025, 71 million virtual (VR) and augmented (AR) reality devices will be sold in the world, and the volume of this still quite young market will reach an impressive $ 22 billion. Experts note that VR and AR will increasingly enter everyday life. life and the last two years that the […]

Operation Trojan Shield // How the FBI became a high-tech startup and vendor, defeated competitors and exposed hundreds of criminals

Last week, law enforcement agencies from more than a dozen countries around the world announced an extraordinary success. As part of the international operation, they managed to solve hundreds of crimes, arrest more than 800 intruders and seriously complicate the life of 300 cartels, gangs and other criminal organizations on all continents. Law enforcement officers […]