The Basque Country slows down job creation, without breaking its 2008 record

The labor reform slows down hiring although permanent contracts reach 30.5% and the increase in affiliates is 1,600, half that of the previous year Euskadi has been on the verge of setting a historical employment record. It closed April with 982,490 contributors, just 445 below the maximum reached in July 2008, before the financial crisis […]

Child porn content on Telegram tripled in 2021

Roskomnadzor (RKN) identified in 2021 more than 980 links on the Telegram platform that contained materials with child porn, a representative of the RKN told Vedomosti. Among these links there are both individual messages and Telegram channels, the information in which the department classified as prohibited, he explained. According to the interlocutor, all these links […]

Zakharova spoke about preparations for negotiations with the United States in Geneva

In the course of the upcoming talks with the United States in Geneva, Russia will seek firm security guarantees: no advancement of the NATO military alliance to the east and no deployment of weapons systems near the borders of the Russian Federation, said Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova. The meeting is scheduled to be […]

FP learned about Biden’s attempts to avoid sanctions against Nord Stream 2 – RBK

The US President and his supporters are urging Congressmen to remove pipeline sanctions amendments from the defense budget. If they are adopted, Biden will be obliged to impose sanctions against Nord Stream 2 AG US President Joe Biden is in talks with congressmen seeking to remove from the defense budget amendments that would involve sanctions […]

Chubais assessed the damage to Russia due to the refusal of hydrocarbons at 10% of GDP

The losses of the Russian economy due to the refusal of the leading countries of the world to use raw materials based on hydrocarbons can reach 10% of GDP, said Anatoly Chubais, special representative of the president for relations with international organizations to achieve sustainable development goals during the seminar “Mechanisms of state carbon regulation: […]