Bulgaria in the midst of a political crisis after the overthrow of its government

On the eve of the European Council, Bulgaria fell back into a new political crisis. The government of Liberal Prime Minister Kiril Petkov was overthrown by a motion of no confidence on Wednesday June 22. The text was adopted by 123 deputies, while 116 voted against, out of the 240 seats, announced the Deputy Speaker […]

Enagás dismisses its deputy general manager after a controversial talk in Bilbao

Juan Andres Diez of Ulzurrun. Enagás announced yesterday the remodeling of its management team and among the dismissals it has included that of the deputy general manager, Juan Andrés Díez de Ulzurrun. The conditions of his departure have been negotiated over the last week, but as EL CORREO has learned, his dismissal was communicated to […]

after Macron’s visit, mistrust remains

Assure Ukraine of its solidarity, announce the support of the three main European powers for kyiv’s accession to the status of candidate for membership of the European Union, and correct the situation after stormy declarations by Emmanuel Macron: the program was ambitious for the visit of the European trio formed by Emmanuel Macron, Mario Draghi […]

after the bombs, the fear of the unknown

“Today, the most terrible thing is that we don’t know what our future will hold. We would like to go home, but in Mariupol there is no more energy, no more accommodation, no more work. There is no future for my children,” dit Alexandra Huseinova. The young woman, her daughters aged 8 and 14, and […]