‘Tamil Rockers’ web series .. AVM company to enter cinema again! | AVM company to enter the cinema again! Produces web series ‘Tamil Rockers’ | Puthiyathalaimurai – Tamil News | Latest Tamil News | Tamil News Online

AVM is back in production after eight years. AVM has now produced a web series called ‘Tamil Rockers’. AVM is the leading production company in Tamil cinema. AVM has produced films of many leading Tamil actors and has produced many successful films. AVM, which has been operating in film production since 1945. After 2014, the […]

Airtel raises prepaid rates again! Shocked customers | Airtel raises prepaid recharge rates again! | Puthiyathalaimurai – Tamil News | Latest Tamil News | Tamil News Online

Airtel CEO Gopal Vittal has confirmed that Airtel is set to raise the price of its prepaid plans again. Last year, telecom companies including Vodafone Idea, Reliance Jio and Airtel raised the prices of their prepaid plans. Now as a blow to prepaid subscribers, Airtel is ready to increase the price of its prepaid plans. […]

The courtship continues: Delek Israel asks Shufersal to reconsider the merger proposal

“Delek Israel’s shareholders were very surprised by Shufersal’s decision to reject the merger proposal between the two companies.” This is what Delek Israel wrote in a letter to the Shufersal board of directors. The Shufersal board is required in a letter to discuss the proposal again. The letter was sent by Delek Israel’s attorney Adv. […]

Meta will settle in Zuck Bucks – Kommersant FM – Kommersant

Banned in Russia, Meta is again working on its own currency,despite the failure of the first attempt. The Financial Times writes about the company’s plans. According to the newspaper, employees name the currency Zuck Bucks after founder Mark Zuckerberg. Unlike the Libra project, this unit will not be based on the blockchain, but will allow […]

Bone marrow, a gift still too little known

A face often marks more than great speeches. That of Joseph, 3 and a half years old, highlighted as rarely before the importance of bone marrow donation. On January 4, 2022, the little boy had just undergone more than eight hundred days of chemotherapy treatments when a blood test revealed a recurrence of his acute […]

“SFDA” resolves the controversy again regarding the “Vimto” containing carcinogenic substances and ingredients harmful to children

Al-Marsad newspaper: The Food and Drug General Authority (SFDA) confirmed, once again, that what was recently circulated on social media is incorrect, that the Vimto drink contains artificial colors that cause cancer and ingredients harmful to children. The Food and Drug Authority confirmed that all imported food products are checked to ensure that they comply […]