Nvidia did not renew the license for cloud gaming for Russian companies

The American company Nvidia refused to renew and sell licenses for its cloud gaming software to Russian companies, Vitaly Starodubov, founder of the Loudplay service, told Kommersant. Nvidia technologies allowed companies to optimize hardware performance and connect more players at the same time. The services of the service are also used by Sberbank and Yandex. […]

‘Paradise’ in Africa; How did Rwanda become the cleanest country in the world?

In general, everyone has some preconceptions about African countries. It is not uncommon to see them discounted for everything from skin color to food. Even in Hollywood movies, African countries are portrayed as slums, famines and diseases. But an African country has now surpassed even the developed European countries to become the cleanest country on […]

Suicide team – Newspaper Kommersant No. 41 (7242) dated 03/11/2022

Champions League The main loser of the current Champions League draw was a team that is generally no stranger to such a label. But PSG’s latest European misfire still seems to stand out from all the previous ones it has suffered trying to get to the club’s most prestigious trophy since Qatari investment turned it […]

Modern Family star earns more movie stars

How TV Actresses Beat Movie Actresses When Forbes released the last ranking of the 10 highest paid actresses, it turned out that its participants earned $ 136.5 million from movies. In the current ranking, the movie brought them only $ 58 million. This is not surprising, the publication notes: movie stars receive a significant share […]

Breakthrough test – Newspaper Kommersant No. 31 (7232) of 02/19/2022

The ending week has become the most alarming for the residents of Donbass since the beginning of 2015. Accusing Ukraine of preparing a “deep breakthrough” on their territory, the leaders of the self-proclaimed LPR and DPR announced on Friday an emergency evacuation of civilians to the Rostov region. The Russian authorities guaranteed them temporary shelter, […]

Twins were starved to death – Picture of the Day – Kommersant

As it became known to Kommersant, two twin babies from the Moscow district of Perovo, forgotten by drunken parents, were saved literally by a miracle: a relative who came to visit the family, having discovered starving children, called the police to the apartment. The investigation that was launched found that the “asocial” parents are in […]

Rosneft’s net profit reaches a historical record in 2021

The net profit of Rosneft in 2021 reached 883 billion rubles, which was a record value in the entire history of the company. Compared to the results of 2020, it increased by more than six times, follows from the company’s IFRS report. Revenue reached 8.761 trillion rubles. (+52.2% compared to 2020). According to the results […]

The Kremlin criticized the proposal to place THAAD complexes near Kharkiv

The possible deployment of American THAAD anti-missile systems near Kharkov would be another step towards destabilizing the situation in Ukraine, said Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov. “This would be another step towards destabilizing the situation,” TASS quoted Peskov as saying. Earlier on Monday, the agency reported, citing a source, that Ukraine had asked the United […]

“If it goes like this, spring will begin in February” – Nauka – Kommersant

Botanists and environmentalists are sounding the alarm: they have found that due to global warming, flowering in the UK began to begin not days or weeks, but a whole month earlier! This change threatens the entire ecosystem. The study, which is conducted by the University of Cambridge, is based on data from the Nature’s Calendar […]