EU justice confirms fines against carriers including Air France

The decision concludes years of appeals by airlines in European courts. European justice confirmed on Wednesday fines imposed in 2017 by Brussels on airlines, including Air France-KLM, for cartel on freight prices, but slightly reduced the amount for some of them. Among the 11 companies sanctioned, Air France receives the heaviest fine, ie 182 million […]

US states accuse Google and Meta of illegal collusion

business legal action US states accuse Google and Meta of illegal collusion Status: 5:40 a.m| Reading time: 3 minutes The Facebook group Meta announced that there were similar agreements with other platforms Source: dpa/Fabian Sommer An alliance of several states is taking action against the Internet companies Google and Meta. The accusation: Both companies had […]

Operation Trojan Shield // How the FBI became a high-tech startup and vendor, defeated competitors and exposed hundreds of criminals

Last week, law enforcement agencies from more than a dozen countries around the world announced an extraordinary success. As part of the international operation, they managed to solve hundreds of crimes, arrest more than 800 intruders and seriously complicate the life of 300 cartels, gangs and other criminal organizations on all continents. Law enforcement officers […]