What to do with savings in a crisis: an expert gave advice

– What to do in an environment where prices are skyrocketing and the assortment on the shelves is shrinking. Postpone purchases until better times or spend more quickly? – All the steps that the Russians have taken and are taking in an attempt to save their savings are correct. Obviously, Russia will have to face […]

What will happen next with the dollar: forecast

+ A – “Russians won’t see him for 80 rubles for a long time” The collapse of the Russian currency, which led to an increase in the exchange rate – the dollar during trading on February 28 exceeded the mark of 100 rubles, and the euro reached 113 rubles, forced the economic authorities to take […]

Named the consequences of switching off from SWIFT for Russia and the whole world

The leaders of Europe, the UK, the US and Canada said in a joint statement that the exclusion of certain Russian banks from the SWIFT global financial messaging system was a response to President Putin’s decision to launch a military operation in Ukraine. A group of Western allies declared support for Ukraine, accusing Russia of […]

Harvest time – MK

+ A – Experts assessed the future of farmers in the event of the abolition of subsidies for concessional lending Agriculture is traditionally considered one of the most risky industries, so it is supported by the state. It was this support that allowed Russia, in particular, to take a leading position in the world grain […]

Contributions for the poor: how much Russians will earn on interest

+ A – Will the poor have an extra 100 thousand rubles The conditions of the contribution for the poor have become known. The essence of the social instrument promoted by the authorities is as follows – for the amount of up to 100 thousand rubles, the owner of the deposit will receive monthly interest […]

“It remains only to pray”: the largest economists predicted 2022

– What was the year 2021 for the world economy, what are the main trends with a plus or minus sign he identified? Inozemtsev: I believe that the outgoing year was generally quite positive: the economies of most countries were confidently recovering from the pandemic shock of 2020, stock markets were growing, and people’s well-being […]

The most profitable investments for 2021 are named: bitcoin, real estate, stocks

+ A – Experts have analyzed the profitability of various assets over the past 12 months The largest income for ordinary investors in 2021 was brought by investments in bitcoin, the purchase of housing in new buildings and the acquisition of shares in Russian and American companies. This is evidenced by the FinExpertiza study. Investors […]

What will happen to house prices in 2022: rise or fall

+ A – Experts argued about the cost of square meters Prices for apartments in new buildings in 2022 will grow by 8-10%. This was reported by analysts of the rating agency “National Credit Ratings” (NKR). One of the main reasons for the rise in prices is the continuing rise in prices for building materials, […]