Rail strike: Deutsche Bahn presents GDL with a new offer

business Wage dispute Bahn wants to prevent another strike with a new offer Stand: 11.09.2021| Reading time: 2 minutes Deutsche Bahn wants to avoid another wave of strikes by the GDL train drivers’ union Source: dpa / Christoph Soeder “A collective agreement with the GDL is overdue,” says Deutsche Bahn HR director Martin Seiler. The […]

Deutsche Bahn: This is how the company wants to prevent the strike chaos

Claus Weselsky knows the crucial question in the current labor dispute between the train drivers and the Deutsche Bahn only too well: Who will be held responsible in public for the upcoming rail chaos? The train drivers or the train? The union of German locomotive drivers (GDL), headed by Weselsky, called on its members to […]