Anchor was first selected by Orlando

ONE System | 24/06/2022 05:17 Paulo Ankro and Adam Silver (Reuters) Jabari Smith will go to Orlando, Chet Holmgren will be selected by Oklahoma and Paulo Ankro will arrive in Houston, NBA reporter Adrian Wozniacki revealed just hours before the start of the draft. The Magic selected Paulo Ankro, Duke’s forward, in the first place, […]

Wants to run Brooklyn with Durant

ONE System | 26/04/2022 09:56 Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant (Reuters) The NBA playoff series summoned us tonight (Monday through Tuesday) celebrating one big one from Boston, and disappointed with Brooklyn that was relegated after a resounding 4-0 sweep. In the United States, they did not feel sorry for the Nets and criticized the stars: […]

Cleveland is waiting: Atlanta ousted Charlotte

ONE System | 14/04/2022 06:03 Diandra Hunter and Trey Young Celebrate (Reuters) Just before the start of the NBA playoffs, tonight (Wednesday-Thursday) in the playoffs in the East, Atlanta ousted Charlotte thanks to a 103: 132 victory. The Hawks went up for the eighth and final ticket against Cleveland, which is worth a series against […]

Will Boston meet Brooklyn? Locked the regular season

The regular season in the NBA closed tonight (Sunday through Monday) and the playoff series were finally scheduled. At the center is Boston, which defeated Memphis and finished second in the East, so it could face Brooklyn. Miami first, Milwaukee third and will meet Chicago and Philadelphia, from fourth place, will play against Toronto fifth. […]

If I do not win the MVP, I will probably be hated

ONE System | 04/04/2022 08:18 Joel Ambide (Reuters) Tonight (Sunday through Monday) Joel Ambide starred with 44 points and led Philadelphia to 108-112 over Cleveland. Aside from the monstrous amount of points, the Cameroonian recorded 17 rebounds and repeatedly stopped the Cavaliers ’attacks, in what was another great performance by the star on both sides […]

17 points to Abdia, Washington defeated the Lakers

ONE System | 20/03/2022 06:07 LeBron James and Danny Abdia (Reuters) Washington and Danny Abdia finally came back to win after six losses, as tonight (Saturday through Sunday) they beat the Los Angeles Lakers 119: 127 and LeBron James, who became the second-greatest scorer of all time and overtook Carl Malone. The Israeli received 32 […]

32 for Ambide in a Philly win, 36 for Durant in Brooklyn

The NBA is approaching its money-making stages – and at this time the stars are flourishing. Tonight (Friday-Saturday) Joel Ambide led Philadelphia to 101: 111 over Dallas thanks to 32 points, while in Brooklyn it was Kevin Durant who fired with 36 of his own in a 123: 128 over Portland. LeBron James also scored […]

Another loss to the Lakers and LeBron, Milwaukee defeated Utah

A busy night of high-scoring games in the NBA. In focus, the Los Angeles Lakers lost 114: 103 to Toronto and Milwaukee defeated Utah 111: 117. In addition, Cleveland defeated the Los Angeles Clippers 111: 120 after overtime, Atlanta defeated Portland 113: 122, Philadelphia lost 114: 110 to Denver, and Minnesota defeated San Antonio 139: […]

9 points for loss in loss, Philly and Harden already in 4 in a row

ONE System | 05/03/2022 06:07 Danny Abdia (Reuters) The NBA League long after the All-Star break and a little over a month and a half the regular season will end, and meanwhile tonight we got some interesting games. Danny Abdia’s Washington lost at home to Atlanta in a game in which the Israeli scored 9 […]

The Lakers are in free fall, who’s to blame?

Such a stormy week has not been remembered in Los Angeles for a long time. The Lakers have had crises in the past, but performances are so weak and so consistent, really hard to find. A new low came during the defeat to New Orleans this week, during which owner Ginny Bass simply announced she […]