Students who excel in elementary school finals in a contagious environment

98.4 percent of the students who wrote the elementary school finals this year qualified for high school. Approximately 40,000 students were evaluated based on a new assessment method called the Achievement Level Scoring Band. Advertising In this case, the ‘news’ met some of the students who excelled in the exam in the context of the […]

Details of Singapore-Malaysia Special Travel Arrangement – SIA apologizes for confusion

Singapore Airlines (SIA) has apologized for the confusion over the details of the Singapore-Malaysia special travel arrangement. Travelers under the special travel arrangement do not need to be isolated in Malaysia. Advertising However, details of the isolation and testing there seem to have been passed on to customers. It is said that an email was […]

More than 44,000 international travelers have visited Thailand

Thailand has welcomed more than 44,000 international travelers since opening its borders about 2 weeks ago. Compared to last month, air travel has increased by a quarter as more airlines have resumed flights to Bangkok and the island of Phuket. Advertising More and more airlines from Europe and the Middle East are requesting to land […]

Tamil Nadu live updates Chennai rains mullai periyaru chennai rains

Stay tuned to know all the important events taking place in Tamil Nadu today Tamil Nadu live updates weather: Kerala demands that the water level of the Mullai Periyar Dam be lowered for safety reasons. The Government of Tamil Nadu requests that the water level be raised so that the livelihoods of the people of […]