Restrictions imposed by increasing corona in Pakistan

Islamabad: The number of corona victims in Pakistan has crossed 400 for the second day in a row. In the last 24 hours, 435 new cases have been confirmed. Of the 2 who died, 94 are being treated in intensive care. In this situation, the Pakistan Air Transport Authority has said that the mask is […]

Corona increase in China; Sealed to 12 residential areas

BEIJING: Corona infections are on the rise in the southern Chinese coastal city of Macau. The residential areas have since been sealed. Controls have been re-intensified in China, where the corona first spread. A total of 2,25,487 people in the country are affected by corona. A new case of coronavirus has been reported in 39 […]

Is there a link between polio, monkey pox and corona? An expert explains

In the shadow of the sixth wave and the renewed outbreak of the corona virus, the polio virus outbreak has also recently begun among unvaccinated children and monkey pox in many countries around the world. For that, Dr. Lior Hecht-Sagi From the Department of Public Health at the Ministry of Health, she spoke this morning […]

Towards recovery from the corona? A record was broken in the American aviation industry

Against the background of the global crisis in the aviation industry: The U.S. Department of Transportation Security (TSA) announced today (Saturday) that the number of daily passengers who flew across the country yesterday is the largest since February 2020. It is about 2.5 million people who used the airport services yesterday, despite the problematic weather […]