2021 Global Corruption Index: India’s Progress – Sharp Decline for Pakistan ..

– India has seen little improvement in the global corruption index for paa2021. Transparency International, headquartered in Berlin, Germany, publishes a list of global corruption codes each year. Accordingly, the list for 2021 was released yesterday. The list is based on scores ranging from 0 to 100, focusing on a variety of factors, including bribery, […]

140th place Pac.,; 85th place for India | Dynamics

No time to read? Listen to the message Islamabad: Pakistan ranks 140th out of 180 countries in the list of countries with the lowest level of bribery and corruption worldwide. India ranks 85th in this list. Headquartered in Berlin, Germany, the European country, Transparency International publishes an annual list of bribery and corruption cases. Accordingly, […]