What is the status of the country of El Salvador that has accepted Bitcoin for official exchange? | What will be the future of El Salvador that has accepted Bitcoin for official exchange | Puthiyathalaimurai – Tamil News | Latest Tamil News | Tamil News Online

El Salvador is a small country in South America, close to Guatemala and Honduras. This is the country where coffee, cotton, corn and sugarcane became popular, and for the first time on the world stage, legislation was passed to use bitcoin as an official currency. Last June 2021, when it was announced that legislation would […]

In Ukraine, the Russian air campaign affects civilian populations

Four months of war will have been enough to turn them into banal scenes: an explosion captured by a grainy surveillance camera, swirling flames rising in a blue sky and, the next morning, the smoking desolation of the iron beams twisted and bodies pulled out by firefighters from the charred rubble. The Russian strike on […]

Promoting the concept of mental health for the observation house inmates

To contribute to promoting the concept of mental health, the National Center for Mental Health Promotion, in cooperation with the Observation House in Jeddah, organized a training program on mental health concepts presented by specialist Fouad Al-Qarni, in the presence of about 90 inmates at the observation house. Al-Qarni explained that the training program contributes […]

Felipe Berríos’ lawyer: I will not allow his image to be unfairly damaged

Julian Lopezdefense attorney for Felipe Berríos, maintained that the complaints against the priest have a media dimension more than judicial and that he is not going to allow himself to be reviled. in conversation with Thirdthe jurist pointed out that “the reasons why we decided to take this to the civil courtsand that Felipe Berríos […]

Disclosure of the first Arab country that recorded suspected cases of monkeypox

Al-Marsad newspaper: The Moroccan Ministry of Health announced the registration of 3 suspected cases of “monkeypox”. The ministry stated that these suspected cases are in good health, under health care and monitoring, and have undergone medical analyzes awaiting results. For his part, Professor Shakib Abdel-Fattah, a virologist, said: “Any suspected case of the “monkeypox” virus […]

Solunion presents the benefits of Credit Insurance

SAINT SUNDAY.-Solunion, a credit insurance, surety and services company associated with commercial risk management, presented its Credit Insurance to an important group of intermediaries in the country, at a meeting held at the Cava Alta facilities. The event was chaired by Federico Pronzati, Solunion Regional Director for Central America and the Caribbean; Pierina Pumarol, CEO […]

Spain was the fifth most expensive country in Europe in 2021

Spain is located between the countries with the most expensive electricity price of Europe, according to the latest data published by Eurostat. Thus, in 2021 the price of light for Spanish homes with one consumption between 2,500 and 5,000 kilowatt-hours was 25.69 cents per kilowatt-hour, the fifth most expensive of the continent, behind Germany, Denmark, […]

Country with 13 months in a year!

Another difference is that Ethiopians celebrate the New Year on September 11th. Ethiopia, First Published Apr 8, 2022, 3:13 PM IST It is a well known fact that there are only 12 months in a year. But there is one country that thinks differently: Ethiopia. Yes, this African country has 13 months in a year. […]

Germany takes control of Russia’s Gazprom subsidiary in the country

BarcelonaThe German government has decided to take control of the Russian energy subsidiary Gazprom. The German government agency that oversees the electricity grid, the Budesnetzgentur, is the one that has temporarily taken control of Gazprom Germania as a trust entity. The decision was made after the Russian parent company announced that it wanted to sell […]

“I’m ready to fly. Earth is our spaceship and needs to be guarded.”

Axiom Spice plans to send the first private astronaut mission into space in less than a week, with the second Israeli astronaut Eitan Steve and his team Ax-1 to leave for the International Space Station on Wednesday. Steva spoke with Calcalist from Florida, where he is currently in quarantine prior to launch. Read more in […]