Swapfiets Power 1: E-bike subscription with maintenance promise – a test

Rid.e, Greenstorm or eBike Abo – a growing number of providers are vying for cyclists who want to rent their e-bikes instead of buying them. According to the Zweirad-Industrie-Verband (ZIV), a pedelec costs an average of around 2600 euros in stores, while a subscription e-bike is available for significantly less than 100 euros a month. […]

Why fewer pedestrians and cyclists had accidents in Berlin

Berlin – Every dead, every injured, every collision on the streets is one too many. Nevertheless: The trend that is evident in the current Berlin traffic accident statistics is positive. At least that’s what the comparison of the first three quarters of 2020 and 2021 shows. “After that, the numbers went down significantly,” said Frank […]

After 6 years on the trash? How to extend the life of your e-bike

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Vello Gravel in the test: This folding bike can also cope with the terrain

Folding bikes are ideal city companions: They are suitable for commuters in combination with public transport. Or for camping enthusiasts and train travelers who want to be mobile after arriving on site. So far, so normal. But what if you fitted wide tires and a racing handlebar? Then a gravel folding bike would come out […]

Buy a gravel bike: You shouldn’t skimp on these three things

IIn the context of the general bicycle euphoria and fueled not least by the corona pandemic, the gravel bike is also very popular. Just – what is that anyway? “Strictly speaking, a gravel bike is nothing more than a racing bike with wider tires,” says Thomas Geisler. “Tire widths of 35 millimeters and more, which […]

Peugeot, Bianchi, Colnago: how to find your vintage racing bike

MModels like PX10 or Monaco from Peugeot or brands like Bianchi, Colnago, Singer or René Herse in general: names that make racing bike fans’ eyes light up. More and more enthusiasts are looking for and riding historic bikes. A trend only for cycling fans or also an investment? Georg Zeppin sees a growing market for […]

Buying a used e-bike: You should watch out for these traps

SThe electric bicycle market has been booming since the corona pandemic at the latest. The demand is so great that in many places the dealers’ warehouses are empty and potential customers have to wait months for months. Is a used e-bike an alternative? “There is nothing wrong with buying a used pedelec. You can save […]

Cyclist Astashov won Paralympics gold

Russian athlete Mikhail Astashov won gold at the Summer Paralympic Games in Tokyo. He won the 3,000m Individual Pursuit in Track Cycling Competition. In the qualifying round, the Russian set a new world record (3 minutes 35.954 seconds). The Russians have already won four gold, one silver and two bronze medals. The Paralympics in the […]

Vodafone Curve Bike in the test: Smart rear light with theft protection

Web world & technology Curve Bike im Test The Vodafone rear light can do a lot – but it has one crucial flaw Stand: 12:11 p.m.| Reading time: 4 minutes With the Curve Bike, Vodafone offers a rear light and GPS tracker in one Those: Vodafone The rear light is part of the standard equipment […]

Vässla Bike: E-vehicle with a top speed of 25 km / h in the test

Web world & technology Vässla Bike im Test Driving fun for almost 2000 euros – but there is a hurdle Status: 1:27 p.m. | Reading time: 4 minutes Unusual e-vehicle for cruising: The Vässla Bike is reminiscent of a folding bike What: Vässla At this point you will find content from Podigee In order to […]