BJP invites diplomats from 13 countries to party headquarters JP Nadda interacts with Head of Missions from 13 countries

New Delhi: Diplomatic representatives from 13 countries have been invited to the BJP headquarters by President JP Singh to enhance relations with various countries. Nadda communicated. Diplomatic representatives from the UK, Spain, Nepal, Austria, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Lithuania, Serbia, Spain, Jamaica, Mauritius and Thailand were summoned to Delhi. This was the fourth meeting […]

Foreign Ministry announced the evacuation of diplomats from Ukraine

Russia, in connection with the situation in Ukraine, is evacuating its diplomats and employees of embassies and consulates general from there, according to the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. “To protect their lives and safety, the Russian leadership decided to evacuate the personnel of Russian foreign missions in Ukraine, which will be implemented […]

Russia may partially evacuate diplomats from Ukraine

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said after the completion of negotiations with his British counterpart Liz Truss that Vladimir Zelensky is used by the West “as a tool to bring Russia out of balance” and his own opinion is not taken into account. The minister said that Russia was already thinking, “maybe the Anglo-Saxons are […]

Almost 10,000 traffic violations by diplomats in Berlin

They park on cycle paths, race through the city and drive drunk: while ordinary people are consistently asked to pay, foreign diplomats have a kind of free pass. The Berlin police counted 9,973 traffic violations by diplomats last year. The amount of warning money or fines that were actually due for this, which the diplomats […]

Family members of US civil servants ordered to leave Belarus | The most important political events in Belarus: assessments, forecasts, comments | DW

Against the background of the worsening crisis around Ukraine, the US State Department ordered the departure of family members of American civil servants from Belarus. As noted in a message published on the agency’s website on Tuesday, February 1, in connection with the “unusual and worrying buildup of Russian military power along the Belarusian-Ukrainian border,” […]

WSJ: ideas put forward by Russia at the talks worry US allies

US NATO allies are concerned about some of the proposals that the American side presented to Russia at the last negotiations on security guarantees, since the States did not first discuss these ideas with partners, reports The Wall Street Journal, citing diplomats of the military alliance. Diplomats did not name specific countries that expressed concern, […]

Russia has completely banned the entry of residents of a number of countries against the background of the “omicron”

The Russian government has completely banned the entry into the country of citizens of nine countries in Africa and Hong Kong, canceling the previously existing exceptions for diplomats and other categories of citizens, the corresponding order was published on the portal of legal information. Earlier, the headquarters imposed restrictions on air traffic with these countries […]

The US Embassy explained the decision on Russian diplomats in the United States

The US decision to limit the period of stay of Russian diplomats in the country to three years is not the expulsion of diplomatic workers, Moscow can send them a replacement, RIA Novosti reports, citing the press secretary of the US Embassy in Russia, Jason Rebholz. “The approach of the United States creates greater parity […]