Prison changed for Mikhail Saakashvili – Mir – Kommersant

Former President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili said that he was tricked into transporting him from the Rustavi prison to the Gldanskaya prison, which is located in the suburbs of Tbilisi. Now he is being held there in a medical unit and continues a full hunger strike, refusing even to take medicine. Companions of the ex-president, […]

Google’s parent company will search for new drugs using artificial intelligence

American holding Alphabet, which owns Google, announced the formation of a company called Isomorphic Labs, which will search for new drugs using artificial intelligence (AI). She will use the developments of DeepMind, another “daughter” of Alphabet, which has developed an algorithm that can calculate the structure of a protein in a few hours. “I am […]

Largest drug discovery in Asian history: seizure in Laos – News abroad

Record drug discovery in Southeast Asia! In Laos, police seized 55 million amphetamine pills and 1.5 tons of crystal meth in a truck. It is “by far the largest seizure in the history of East and Southeast Asia,” said UN expert Jeremy Douglas the British broadcaster. The officers discovered the drugs by accident when they […]

Film ǀ Shiny Fakes of Dealer Violence — der Freitag

Among these is one true story of violence. While Germany’s most famous dealer, the Kinderzimmer-Dealer (Bedroom Dealer) Maximilian Schmidt, plays himself in an exact replica of his childhood bedroom, heavily armed men burst in. One smashes his face with a machine gun, though he is unarmed and cooperates, knocking him to the floor where he […]

Traffic light makes it (maybe) possible – dispute over the stoner coalition – domestic politics

The controversial cannabis legalization is getting closer: A possible traffic light coalition could legalize smoking weed. Because: All three traffic light parties are calling for the controlled distribution of THC-containing cannabis to adults. Dietmar Schilff, Deputy Federal Chairman of the Police Union (GdP), and Georg Wurth, Head of the German Hemp Association, discussed possible legalization […]

Surprise in the Philippines: Duterte withdraws from politics – politics abroad

Ballot hammer in the Philippines! The world-notorious President Rodrigo Duterte (76) is retiring from politics in early May after the presidential elections. He is out of the question as head of state because the Philippine constitution only allows one term of office. But Duterte no longer wants to run for the office of Vice President, […]

Coronavirus is being caught on restrictions – Kommersant FM – Kommersant

There is a sharp jump in the incidence of coronavirus in the capital. Over the past day, about 4 thousand new infections have been detected, which is a third more than on September 29. As the COVID-19 situation worsens, the authorities are taking new measures. So, in the capital, the mask regime has been tightened, […]